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Vipal’s VT220 tread and ECO line are featured at Autopromotec 2017

Posted on 19 June 2017

Certified with the Alpine Symbol, the VT220 design was introduced to the public at one of the biggest events for the retreading segment in the world, held in Italy in May

Vipal Rubber, Latin American leader and one of the top worldwide manufacturers of tyre retreading products, presented its treads certified with the European Alpine Symbol seal, which attests to efficacy in severe snow conditions, at the 27th run of Autopromotec, held from May 24 to 28 in Bologna, Italy. In addition to these, other treads with proven performance, including the ECO line, were also featured at the booth, as well as products for repairing tyres.


“We received many customers from all over Europe and also from Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America, all interested in getting to know the Eco line and the line certified with the Alpine Symbol, showcasing the VT220 design,” says Frederico Schmidt, Regional Manager for Vipal Europe. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for visiting Vipal during this event, so important for the tyre retreading segment,” he concludes. At the event, some of the top European retreaders were honored by Vipal, with a special trophy that symbolizes the years of trust and partnership with the brand. Those awarded included representatives of VACULUG from England, with a 10-year partnership with the brand, USOVSKO from the Czech Republic, and CARS from Italy, both working with Vipal treads for 5 years. The Vipal team who also attended Autopromotec in 2017 included: Leandro Rigon, Director of International Business; Fabrício Nedeff, Commercial Coordinator for Vipal Europe; Beatriz Schulz, Administrative Coordinator for Vipal Europe; Antonio Brito, Vipal Manager for Mexico, North America and Central America; Adalberto Fernandez, Vipal Manager for Mercosul and Oceania, and Dijan Rigo, Overseas Commercial Coordinator.

Models showcased at Autopromotec

VT220, VT160 and VDA4: certified with the Alpine Symbol, these treads are recommended for medium and long distance journeys in radial tyres, on snowy or muddy roads. Made with a special, high-tech compound, suitable for withstanding low temperatures, they allow optimal performance on wet or muddy surfaces due to the design transverse grooves that give the blocks greater stability and excellent drive power.

VRT3, DV-UM3 and VT110: tests conducted in Europe demonstrated outstanding performance results.. In the case of the VRT3, superior performance was verified when compared with a similar competitor model. In a test conducted on paved roads in the city of Puglianello, Italy, a participating fleet achieved 8% better mileage with the Vipal product.

Vipal ECO: also had designs on display at Autopromotec. The result of years of investment and research, the line features state-of-the-art product technology. This is due to the use of special high-tech rubber compounds and the tread design configuration, which favors better fuel economy.

Repairs: Vipal Rubber also took its full assortment of repair products to the trade fair in Bologna, including the Aramid Patch (RA). It is extremely impact-resistant while simultaneously lighter and more flexible than traditional patches, which prevents creases from appearing in the repaired region. The Vipal RA Patch is made with aramid fiber, a reinforced textile used in bullet-proof vests and seat belts, among other extremely resistant products. This material is five times more resistant than steel, which guarantees less interference in tyre balance.