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Vipal Rubber products equipping Canadian fleet

Posted on 30 March 2016

Montreal’s public transport company is now using Vipal’s V167 tread. Emphasising the economic benefits and safety of tyre retreading is something that Vipal Rubber always strives to do. And this recognition, which is already present in the 90 countries where the brand operates, also exists in the public sector. After a bidding process and a battery of tests with the V167 tread, the Société de Transport de Montreal (STM), located in Montreal, Canada, will begin retreading its tyres using Vipal products.

STM is in charge of public transport in the city of Montreal and surrounding metropolitan regions. The company retreads roughly 350 tyres per month, and from now on will use the V167 tread, a Vipal design marketed only outside Brazil. V167 is perfect for trucks and buses with radial tyres on drive axles and is particularly suitable for powerful, high-torque vehicles and long running times on paved surfaces. The tread also offers good performance on muddy and snowy surfaces.

The public transit company’s fleet numbers 721 buses, and tyre retreading is handled by a retreader owned by the Canadian Government.

Vipal in North America

In 2004 Vipal arrived in Mexico, a country in which the company has a Distribution Centre and a branch office, in addition to a permanent regional team and a network of 14 authorised retreaders. For strategy reasons, in 2013 Vipal dedicated one of its three plants in Brazil solely to production for the international market. Also, in order to support the growth in exports, it recently opened its third Distribution Centre in the United States, located in the Californian city of Los Angeles, with storage capacity for 1,500 pallet positions, thereby covering the entire North American West Coast and some Midwest states, as well as the Western and Central regions of Canada. The company also has a branch office in the United States, the world’s largest market for tyre retreading.

Vipal around the world

Vipal is responsible for supplying about 90 countries, with its main markets located in Europe, Latin America and the United States. To meet the specific needs of each location, which range from technical requirements to cultural, geographic and legal differences, the company invests in the development of specific products to improve performance in different regions. Moreover, it has authorised retreaders, permanent regional teams and its own distribution centres at strategic locations in order to provide support to international customers.