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Vipal Rubber participates at the IANA Intermodal Expo 2017 in Los Angeles

Posted on 18 September 2017

Vipal Rubber participates at the IANA Intermodal Expo 2017
in Los Angeles

 The public can see the advantages of the R159HS and RZL30 treads for inter-modal application

 Vipal Rubber, a leading Latin American company and one of the most important tire retreading manufacturers in the world, took part in another edition of the IANA Intermodal Expo, held from September 17 to 19, at the city of Long Beach, California (USA). This is the  third consecutive year that the brand participates in the expo, aimed to fleets of the inter-modal segment, which requires specific products for mixed traffic since it involves more than one modality of transportation and is usually used in difficult to reach places. Vipal will be represented by Gabriel Fuma, NAFTA’s Commercial Manager and Amaramh Velazquez, a Technical Sales Representative in the region.

During the event, some products recognized worldwide and used in the North American market today, will be presented to the public, among them the R159HS and RZL30 treads, the current Vipal highlights for the inter-modal transport sector. The treads are produced with a special compound of high elasticity and protection against aging caused by heat, ozone and also by the constant effects of sunlight, which makes them ideal for the application.

The R159HS, is a tread indicated for highway load and commercial transport with excellent wear resistance due to abrasion, being indicated for trailer axles and optional for moderate drive axles. It also has low heat generation, providing less wear and tear on the casing. Ruzi’s RZL30 has ribbed reinforcements and a low linear weight, which increases the retreading capacity, as well as producing less heat and offering a longer life cycle for the tyre casing.

Vipal in North America

 Present in all continents, Vipal has three distribution centers in the United States to meet the growing exports to the north american market: Los Angeles (California), Miami (Florida), and Norfolk (Virginia). Following this strategy, the company also dedicates one of its three plants in Brazil exclusively to export production. Visit

Vipal around the world

 Vipal is responsible for supplying about 90 countries, with its main markets in Europe, Latin America and the United States. To meet the specific needs of each location, which range from technical requirements to cultural, geographic and legal differences, the company invests in the development of specific products to improve performance in different regions. Moreover, it has authorized retreaders, permanent regional teams, and its own distribution centers at strategic locations on four continents to provide support to international customers.