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Vipal Rubber Celebrates 10 years in Oceania with its customers

Posted on 18 April 2017

Vipal Rubber Celebrates 10 years in Oceania with its customers

It was 2007 when Vipal Rubber established its business in Australia and not long after, in New Zealand and Fiji Islands. Even though, the exports to Australia have been there for more than 15 years but in a smaller scale.

In order to celebrate it, between March 13 and 15 Vipal Rubber hosted its customers in Noosa Heads, a cozy little town, over the coast of Queensland in Australia. The trip was an opportunity for Vipal Rubber to express it’s gratitude for the support and loyalty of it’s customers.

Vipal Rubber has been promoting its products in the continent as a demanding market for the quality of retreads, counting with the great service of it’s partners spread in the major market areas. “We are having wonderful results on the retreads produced and serviced by our customers in the fleets. Reaching 3 to 4 times the mileage of our competitors at some transport operations in a competitive market as this, is more than a proof of our quality and capability to offer cost saving solutions”, says Mr. Adalberto Fernandez, general manager of Vipal Mercosur & Oceania.

Tiago Campanharo moved to Australia few years ago in order to deliver a better service on the technical and sales force support to the customers. Counting with an warehouse in Sydney área, the logistics are also covered as the needs of the region. Service and cost efficiency is Vipal’s key to offer competitiveness to its customers as the lead of its operations.

“The world of tyre retreading is being affected hardly these late years. However we see in our customers the strength and will to cross this tough period and keep its businesses prepared for the better times that sure will come. We at Vipal Rubber, feel highly confident with our customers as the best option in the market. And though, we support them at our best effort possible”, states Leandro Rigon.

Vipal Rubber assures its intentions to continuously offer the high class treads and service to the market for 10 years more and ahead. The compromise with quality and sustainability of the transport industry are the main focus of Vipal Rubber, relying on its highly skilled dealers.