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Vipal praises Select Tyres for investing in the ‘green industry’ for tyre retreading in Europe

Posted on 05 March 2018

Many companies in Europe are managing to reduce electricity costs in the tyre retreading process, bringing an even greater return to the business and the environment. This is the case of Select Tyres, located in the city of Chelmsford, England, which currently produces 800 tyres per month and distributes retreaded tyres throughout the UK.

The retreader has a plate system for capturing solar energy that generates a very significant economy for the business. Select Tyres also receives a reimbursement from the government, because the surplus of energy generated goes directly to the public network, serving other consumers in the region.

“Initiatives like these, aimed at reducing electricity consumption, are of the utmost importance. In the European Community, tyre retreading has been considered a green industry for a long time. Now, companies are investing in solar energy to make the business even more sustainable. For this reason, Select Tyres must be congratulated for the initiative,” says Leonardo Muller from Vipal Europe Commercial Department, one of the world’s leading tyre retreaders and suppliers.

In comparison to a new one, each retreaded heavy-duty tyre, for example, reduces the consumption of electric energy by up to 80%. When it comes to oil, the average is 57 liters which are saved. All this, while maintaining the same quality and safety of the final product. Studies show that it would be necessary to produce an additional 8.4 million new tyres annually to replace the same number of retreaded tyres per year, which would require an increase in consumption of 500 million liters of oil per year. That is, not retreading tyres would have a severe impact on the environment, dramatically increasing environmental liabilities.

“When it comes to retreading systems, we can see the importance of these processes for the environment, where the ecosystem benefits in many ways, failing to extract nonrenewable sources and, at the same time, reusing the materials,” says Muller. “The tyre retreading system is a process that has brought benefits to both suppliers and consumers, as well as to the planet itself. All this process represents savings for the consumer and generates profit for transport companies, establishing a healthy balance between development needs and the environment,” he adds.

Vipal Rubber around the world

Vipal Rubber is responsible for supplying about 90 countries, with its main markets in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. To meet the specific needs of each location, which range from technical requirements to cultural, geographic and legal differences, the company invests in the development of specific products to improve performance in different regions. Moreover, it has authorized retreaders, permanent regional teams, and its own distribution centers at strategic locations on four continents to provide support to international customers.