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VACU LUG Managing Director visits Vipal Rubber in Brazil

Posted on 13 May 2016

Bringing its customers closer and reaffirming its commitment with the market, Vipal Rubber likes to welcome them to its home. Between April 5 and 7, Mr. Tim Hercock, Vacu Lug’s Managing Director, was at Vipal’s facilities in Feira de Santana, BA, and Nova Prata, RS. “The strengthening of our relationship with such an important partner from the UK, is an essential step for Vipal’s position in the market”, says Mr. Aldo Bastos, International Business Director of Vipal Rubber.

On April 5th, Mr. Alessandro Campos, Vipal Europe’s Manager, and Mr. Aldo Bastos, welcomed Vacu Lug’s Managing Director, Mr. Tim Hercock to Salvador, Bahia. After lunch, at a traditional local fish restaurant, in the city of Feira de Santana, Mr. Cassiano Peliciolli, Vipal’s Maintenance and Engineering Coordinator came on board in order to show the tread rubber and motorcycle tyre production sites, after Mr. Bastos  Vipal’s institutional presentation.

On April 6th, already in Porto Alegre at Vipal’s administrative offices, a meeting with the company’s board was held. The following day, as they arrived in Nova Prata, Mr. Leandro Rigon, Vipal’s International Business Manager, alongside Mr. Jorge Rampon, Industrial Manager, and Mr. Henrique Brito, Technology and Quality Manager, welcomed the group. Through the morning, they visited the Factory II and its laboratory. By the afternoon, they started their visit at Vicencio Paludo Technical Centre (CTV), a retreading school that aims to prepare manpower specialised in tyre retreading and to serve as a reference for the Vipal Authorised Dealer Network. After that they had the opportunity to visit VipalTec, a high-tech laboratory where research and testing for the new and retreaded tyres certification are conducted. The visit wrapped up at the Research and Technology Centre (CPT), a structure maintained by Vipal to develop new processes and enhancements.

Vacu Lug, one of the top retreaders in the UK and Europe, has been a Vipal client since 2007, operating in the freight, highway, OTR and agricultural tyre segments. Tim Hercock, Vacu Lug’s Managing Director, highlighted the technology used at the company’s manufacturing plants. He said he was impressed with the investments that have been made into research and development of new rubber composites and products. “This visit confirmed how much Vacu Lug and Vipal’s businesses have in common; we therefore continue to consider this partnership extremely important for both companies and appreciate these opportunities to swap experiences,” he noted.

Vacu Lug 05 a 07_04_2016 Feira de SantanaVacu Lug 05 a 07_04_2016 Nova Prata