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RMA welcomes European Commission support for retreaded tyre labelling

Posted on 14 July 2015

Retread Manufacturers Association (RMA) members Bandvulc and Kraiburg, together with 13 other partners from across Europe, have developed a method to classify retreaded truck tyres into standard tyre labels. The results of the project have been supported and promoted within the European Commission, a development welcomed by the RMA.

The European Commission already regulates the labelling of new car, LCV and HGV tyres, which are required to be classified on three criteria: fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip. Retreaded tyres are currently excluded from this legislation for economic reasons, with the feasibility of monitoring and assessing the thousands of possible combinations of retreaded tyre iterations making the process too time consuming.

The retread industry identified the need to promote the safety and environmental properties of retreaded tyres, and saw the implementation of retreaded tyre labels as an opportunity to display to consumers that retreaded truck tyres can comply with the same requirements as new tyres. The objective of ReTyre, the 15 member EU-funded project, was to produce a methodology that was cost and time effective and could be applied to the classification and labelling of all retreaded truck tyres in Europe.

“The introduction of retreaded truck tyre labels will have a profound effect on the way our industry is viewed by the consumer,” said Patrick O’Connell, Managing Director of Bandvulc Tyres Ltd and current Chairman of the RMA. “When we can use a European standard label to demonstrate to our hauliers and freight transporters that the tyres they are buying from us are not only cost-effective in the short term, but also have comparable safety, environmental and performance characteristics to a new tyre, it will mark the beginning of a significant change in the global perception of retreading.”

The algorithm, methodology and tool that was produced within in the project has been shared with the European Commission and received official support on the Horizon 2020 website.

Alan Bithell, Director of the RMA, welcomed the support of the European Commission. “The benefits for the environment of recycling and retreading used tyres have been clear for a long time, but the performance quality of retreads is still questioned by some members of the European tyre market. We welcome the EU’s support for the development of a standard tyre label that we are sure will prove conclusively that retreaded truck tyres are safe and perform effectively and I look forward to a time when these labels are included in EU Regulation.”