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Retread Manufacturers Association

Technical advice sheets


The RMA’s technical advice sheets have been created to help members understand a number of common tyre problems they may encounter.

They are listed alphabetically below and grouped according to tyre problem (e.g. wear, crack), where applicable. To view each advice sheet, click on the appropriate link below. Sheets can then be downloaded as a PDF.



Air Leak Fatigue Failure Tread Separation Penetration
Bead: Wire Broken Independent Repaired Tyre Worn Out
Bead: Bent Injury Wear: Abnormal
Belt Edge Separation Liner Separation Wear: Diagonal
Careless Mounting Rib-punching Wear: Feather Edge
Chipping Rim Cut & Injury Wear: Heel & Toe
Chunking Run Flat Wear: Island
Crack: Circumferential Separation Wear: One-sided
Crack: Diagonal Shock-Cut Burst Wear: Rapid
Crack: Groove Shoulder-Rib Tear Wear: River
Crack: Liner Side Cut Wear: Shoulder
Crack: Weathering or ozone Sidewall Shoulder Separation Wear: Spot
Cut Separation Tread Cut Wear: Step
Damage Fact sheet Tread Separation Wear: Wavy