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New era for Continental LifeCycle business

Posted on 22 November 2014

The international tyre manufacturer and automotive supplier Continental recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its ContiLifeCycle Plant in Hannover-Stöcken. A world’s first, the plant integrates a cutting-edge facility for retreading bus and truck tyres with a proprietary industry-scale rubber recycling unit. The technology developed by Continental was recognised as an environmental innovation by the German Federal Ministry of Environment.

The new retreading factory will have a projected annual capacity of 180,000 retreaded tires once it’s operating at full capacity.

As part of the ContiLifeCycle Plant, Continental has also developed a recycling process for the tread powder that arises during retreading. Tread buffings from the new retreading factory will be completely used in the recycling facility. This results in the reduction of waste by more than 80 per cent and significant CO2 savings.