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More Quality from Bandvulc

Posted on 03 September 2015

Quality is the linchpin to everything that Bandvulc do, believing that consistency in the quality they provide their customers will bring natural growth to their business.

With innovation being at the forefront of their minds, Bandvulc have now introduced a new electronic audit system comprising a web and APP based system run via a tablet. The introduction of this system will bring huge advantages to both Bandvulc and their customers.

Bandvulc will reduce the endless paperwork trail that is usually associated with audits, whilst enabling them to keep all the information together in one place, meaning all documents can be viewed straight away by the auditor on virtually any device, including mobile & tablet. It will also record when an error is found, then the system follows through the non-compliances, so traceability is better, whilst automatically contacting people by email who will be involved in the audit.

The new system will also provide efficiencies in other places throughout the business, such as replacing paper work in other areas, like daily machine checks or customer based audits. This will lead to customers getting the assurances in quality that they have come to expect from Bandvulc.

Bandvulc audit to the ISO Standard; the ISO standard ascertains that Bandvulc are doing what they say they are doing and that they are doing it the same way each time.  The ISO is all about protecting the customer through continued improvement whether it be for a product or a service, so includes both Bandvulc Tyres & BV Plus+. For the Bandvulc Group it’s about producing a quality product & delivering outstanding service, whilst ensuring that all the relevant documentation for H&S, environmental impact and quality control are in place.

Justin Holloway, Quality & Environmental Manager at Bandvulc said, “For us it is all about protecting the customer, whilst continuing to improve what we do to achieve the best possible service and product to an international standard.”