Marangoni launches petition to target Chinese tyre imports

Posted on 19 June 2017

One di misure anti-dumping coerentemente con la politica “America First” del presidente Donald T Riprende la notizia relativa alla petizione della MTNA che richiede alla Casa Bianca l’introduzirump.

The report on the MTNA petition resumes asking the White House to introduce anti-dumping measures in line with President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy.

The North American division of retreading technology supplier Marangoni has launched an online petition to protect the US truck and bus tyre industry from Chinese competition.

The campaign has been prompted by decision of the US Department of Commerce on February 22 not to impose tariffs on these imports. The petition states that the Chinese tyres are “being sold at less than fair market value” and that this has caused domestic industry to lose out on the work of retreading 4 million units in 2016.

It also notes that more of these inferior quality tyres are being dumped illegally or sent to landfill, which “could lead to an increase in disease-carrying mosquitoes.” Marangoni calls on US President Donald Trump directly to honor his 2016 campaign to put “America First,” and select a new commissioner for the US International Trade Commission to review the February decision.

It believes this is will help safeguard the $3.2 billion U.S. retreading industry, and safeguard the 50,000 US jobs in it and related businesses. If the petition started by the company can gather 100,000 signatories by June 25 2017, the federal government is legally committed to review its initial decision.