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KRAIBURG introduce new K701 – The “winter specialist”

Posted on 05 August 2015

The new home-grown K701 traction design is a heavily siped block-type pattern with open shoulders. Designed as an all-weather tread, it has excellent winter performance capability and good self-cooling properties.

Its deep and distinct siping guarantees the optimum transfer of tractive forces in winter, even in extreme Scandinavian conditions. The optimised interaction between tread bars and ribs and the compound designed specifically for this pattern provide an excellent hard-wearing surface on the K701.

The large tread contact surface also guarantees a high mileage. The new K701 is available now in width 260 mm. Width 250 mm is due to follow in August. Width 270 mm will complete the range in September – in perfect time for the autumn which is the best time to fit the K701.