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KRAIBURG’s K225 range is now complete

Posted on 31 March 2016

The waiting time is finally over and the K 225 range is almost complete! Widths 180, 190, 200 and 210 mm are all available now, and as from 07 April 2016 it will also be possible to order width 220 mm.

K 225










More mileage! More traction! More safety!

Their latest advertising campaign says it all: one says more mileage. Another says more traction. The third one says more safety, the fourth more value for money. And they say it in big letters. Yellow on blue. Blue on yellow. Green on Blue and White on pale blue. One message per advert. Their message is plain and simple, clearly emphasising the advantages of the quality KRAIBURG compounds and promoting their three ranges, K_base, K_plus and K_tech, as well as their suitability for use in winter. The advertisements are out now in the international trade press and on their website.

more mileage more traction