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KRAIBURG- Winter designs successful on snow

Posted on 03 March 2015


Excellent traction and braking properties  

Not only KRAIBURG’s top Winter athletes demonstrate year in year out that Austrians know how to handle snow. They are also up front as far as good snow retreads are concerned: Five KRAIBURG designs have now proven this impressively in a Winter suitability test: K213, K204, K225, K700 or K74 – all designs show 25 per cent better traction than the reference tyre sets (KDA2e). KRAIBURG Austria carried out the tests together with the North Test Laboratory from the 16th to the 19th of August. The location was the Indoor Skiing Hall near Hamburg.

Proving traction capability on a 23 per cent gradient

 To ensure comparability, KRAIBURG conducted the measuring series twice with the reference tyres first. Then came the truck tyres with the above named Winter retreads. Six test runs were recorded and then the average calculated for every tyre set. The measurements included the rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. The KRAIBURG designs proved their traction capability on a course with a gradient of up to 23 per cent at a speed of eight kilometres per hour. The distance between the start-up speed and the diminishing speed caused by spinning of the wheels (up to 2 km/h) was recorded.

 Very good traction and braking properties

In addition to the traction, the KRAIBURG designs also revealed very good braking properties – on a course with a three to four per cent downhill gradient. The starting speed was 30 km/h, the braking distance was recorded from 30 to 10 km/h. Three test runs were made per set of tyres from which the average was calculated. They are pleased that they now have it on record, that their five tested KRAIBURG designs can also be used as Winter tyres with excellent traction and braking properties. You can therefore rely on the quality of our material all year round and you customers, the truck drivers, will always be safe on the road with KRAIBURG.