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KRAIBURG – Retreading the way to the future

Posted on 23 March 2016

KRAIBURG Austria demonstrates performance and capability of retreads – test results summarised in brochure

Geretsberg, 29 March 2016 – KRAIBURG Austria is putting its retreads through regular and extensive on-road tests as part of its product deve­lopment activities. The aim is to prove that retreads are in no way inferior to new tyres – whether in terms of rolling resistance, wet grip or rolling noise. The retreading specialist has now summarised its latest test re­sults in a brochure. This will allow the retreaders to compare their per­formance with new tyres. New car and van tyres are now required to carry a sticker or a separate label. In the case of new truck tyres, the labels need not be affixed to the tyres but must be shown to the cus­to­mer before the tyres are sold. So if they are on display in the showroom there must be a clearly visible label on or by the tyres. In the case of tyres which are in storerooms, the dealers are responsible for giving buyers the correct information. This rule is for new tyres and does not apply to retreads – at least not until November 2017. However, KRAIBURG Austria wanted to provide users with comparable informa­tion and has now evaluated the performance of retreads and has sum­marised its findings in a clear and concise way.

Huge potential savings

KRAIBURG Austria worked with the Upper Austrian freight forwarding company Dicker Transport & Logistik, which has a fleet of 27 modern trucks, to conduct a series of tests on the performance of retreads in comparison with new tyres. These tests involved swapping the original new tyres on the drive axle and trailer with retreads made with quality KRAIBURG compounds. On the drive axle, in dimension 315/70 R 22.5, tyres of rolling resistance class D were replaced with class C tyres in the K 700 plus tread. The trailer axle was fitted with size 385/65 R 22.5 tyres in the K 801 tech tread and class B instead of C. The result: the high-quality retread is good for the environment, not only because of the reuse of the tyre and its low rolling resistance but also because it helps to reduce the running costs of a truck. In the tests with the transport company Dicker, KRAIBURG Austria recorded potential savings per truck of more than 700 litres of fuel per year in contrast with the per­for­mance with original new tyres. When multiplied by 27 trucks, this mounts up to cost savings of more than 21,000 euro.

All the tyre test results published in the brochure were obtained by an accredited and independent test laboratory with reference to the stan­dards and specifications applicable to new tyres. The brochure is avai­lable to download here.