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Delivering more is king for Bandvulc.

Posted on 06 October 2015

We’ve all come across the old business adages such as; ‘the customer is always right’ or ‘the customer is king’ and in today’s business environment this still holds true, however in the tough world of transport and logistics there is one more important factor that reigns supreme and this is the delivery of the highest service levels possible, whilst ensuring speed, accuracy and quality remain at the forefront.

“For our business, speed is the new currency”, comments Phil West, Group Commercial Director, Bandvulc.  Phil adds; “It is all very well and good having the latest technology, telecoms and communication systems, but this needs to run parallel with employees who are motivated to manage the service levels to their full potential and deliver on the promises made by the business to its customer”.

We have all been on the receiving end of service which has disappointed us and usually the ‘system is to blame’, but is it really? In truth, it’s not often the system’s fault; the fault perhaps lies with an employee who has not had sufficient training or demonstrated the care and attention that is required of their role. It is this personal touch which we feel differentiates us from the general tyre market place and enables us to maintain steady growth in our core marketplace.

The tyre market, which is circa 3 to 5% of any transport operator’s costs, has seen a turbulent few years with rapidly escalating tyre costs, now followed by a slightly more settled approach looking ahead into the longer term. This turbulence, within the space of five years, has seen prices rise and fall by, in some cases  +/- 25%, making operator costs both volatile and often unstable.  The introduction of Chinese tyre products into the market only enhances the importance of service.  While, of course, prices are competitive some brands can supply product only and this doesn’t fulfil the requirements of the leading logistics operators

Tyre purchasing models have also evolved and the operator now has a range of different options to consider; we see these options only increasing in the coming years.  Underpinning all of these however is the service and delivery of said commitments.  Operators, whilst enjoying a perceived good price, need to consider if it’s value for money for their operation.  It’s all well and good having the lowest cost but if this is with a higher downtime; like many things in life, it’s a balance and it’s how you measure, quantify and deliver these added value services.

Bandvulc’s investment plans spread across its entire Group and is founded upon pro-actively enhancing and improving its delivery where it interacts with the customer. The development of Galahad software as a customer interface enables total visibility and transparency. The investment includes in-house developers, ensuring reduced lead times in programming, enabling real-time reporting and bespoke analysis tailored to each customer’s requirements. Galahad is also the platform integrating Bandvulc with its Key Service Provider Network. It enables swift and accurate data exchange between organisations, resulting in up-to-date transaction reporting, stock control and accuracy.

The largest area of growth within our Group is that of tyre management and 24/7 support leading to suggest that our service offering, whilst a little unique sometimes, is not full of broken promises. A tyre surprisingly is not hard to sell, everybody operating a truck requires them – it’s the process of control, delivery of product, reliability and the efforts to assist cost reduction which bring repeat and long term business.

Bandvulc delivers a full management package for fleet service via its BV Plus+ division, which is continuing to evolve and develop. Its offer nowadays includes not only manufacture and management, but also the delivery of said service via its own tyre distributor, Tyre Maintenance.

Phil continues; “By having all these elements enables us to provide more control and focus to deliver what our clients require. We are a responsive team that, with quick decisions, can resolve any concern and develop any forward thinking ideas to assist the business. This flexibility and dynamic approach enables us to respond.  Whilst investment in systems and technologies is key, Bandvulc also recognises that investment in people is the foundation of our business. A great number of our commercial team members have been with the business for many years (too many to count!).  This suggests benefits of continuity, training and strong customer and business relationships, with staff and supporting teams getting to know the clients. It’s common sense”.

We all expect minimum standards of service in our everyday operations and we at Bandvulc are no different, so by being able to control as many elements of the process as we do ensures that we remain an industry leader.

Bandvulc’s blue chip portfolio and loyalty is a testament to the team’s commitment to deliver service. Our core focus remains the manufacture and delivery of quality in everything we do designed with thought to the operational environment, hence delivering more value.