Technical advice sheets

w320_4731161_whatcausedthisA series of new technical advice sheets are being added to the RMA website to help members understand a number of common tyre problems they may encounter.

The first of these is now live and illustrates the damage resulting from the bursting of a carcass or belts due to an external shock or cut. This type of failure can be caused by a number of issues such as a sudden sharp deformation of the tyre, heavy kerbing or even stone trapping. Recommendations to avoid this type of problem include driving carefully to avoid obstacles and using the tyres under the correct load and pressure. To check tyres for such damage, inspect both the outside and inside of the damaged portion of the tyre along with the hit part of the tread.

RMA Shock-Cut Burst Technical Factsheet

RMA Weathering Factsheet

RMA Wavy Wear

RMA Fatigue Failure

RMA Chunking

RMA Liner Crack

RMA Careless Mounting

RMA Run Flat

RMA Spot Wear

RMA Diagonal Crack